Born 1960, first musical experience at the age of 3 years while he mistreated his fathers grand piano with a hammer.

First encounter with the Beatles at the age of 6 , of course via TV. This incident triggered the further life of young Lupo in a fulminant way. "First contact" (acc. To Star Trek) with the guitar at the age of 8. Since the age of 12 years he abused the electric guitar in several Rock´n`Roll Bands. The army-duty was spent in the Music-Corps, the adequate haircut included.

Since 1982 he worked as backliner of the Wolle Kriwanek Band. 1990 Federal approved Radio-Technician 1993 Founding of Lupo's Rockshop in Stuttgart.
Personal Instruments: Gibson SG formerly owned by Pete Townshend, Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, Washburn "Bettencourt" , Tom Anderson Cobra, Fender Tele, Frankenstein-Strat

Favourite musicians: "The magical five P's": Pete Townshend, Paul Vincent, Prian May, Puno Bettencourt, Pakk Wylde
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