Offers of the 12/09/2015
Guitars and Basses
La Roque Strat, handmade with Evans Pu's
Floyde Rose Tremolo         999,00€
Warwick Corvette, 5-string black         390,00€
Ibanez RBM-10, Reb Beach Model         690,00€
Ibanez BTB 675, incl. Bag and strap
5-string bass, nature, used, only         699,00€
Ibanez ATK 1200, Prestige, nature, used
incl. case     1.190,00€
Fender Preci Bass, nature, USA, used
incl. case, for only         900,00€
Squier "Frank Bello" E-Bass, ltd. run, new
normal 419,00€, now for only         329,00€
Kramer "Headless Voyager", vintage electric
guitar, used, incl. Case         790,00€
Blueridge Western "Martin Style", new
rare, Mod. BR.140A, only         999,00€
Crafter Western, 12-string, Mod. D8-12/N
new, for only         425,00€
Hφfner Cavern Bass, Mod. 500/1, new, incl.
strap, case and certificate, only     1.959,00€
Ortega Acc. Bass, Mod. D3C-4 new, incl.
pickup and preamp, strap and
gigbag         720,00€
PRS SE One, vintage cherry, Soapbar P.U.,
new incl. Gigbag         599,00€
PRS SE One, tob. sunburst, Soapbar P.U.,
new incl. Gigbag         599,00€
Ibanez Concertgit., Mod. GA500S, used
incl. case (price for a new 1290,00€)         650,00€
Ortega Concertgit.,new, Mod. R221-BK
black, incl. gigbag         315,00€
Ortega Cocertgit.,new, Mod. R131SN
small neck, incl. gigbag         298,00€
Jose Lupinho Cocertgit., nature, new
massive Top, now for only         269,00€
Ibanez Roadstar II Series, E-Bass with
active electronic
used, incl. Case, for only         290,00€
ELYRA Guitars by Fuchs Design available in my shop!!!
Check out the model 15110004!!!
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AMPS an Cabinets
Trace Elliot Guitarcombo, "Speed Twin" Mod. C30
used, incl. orig. footswitch and
professionel roadcase (with wheels)
for only         590,00€
Mesa Boogie Mark III Guitarcombo, Simul Class, EQ,
100 W, incl. footswitches with all
cabels and professional roadcase
(with whells), used only     1.490,00€
Vintage Amp Guitarcab., 2 x 12"r Celestion
Vintage 30 Speaker, used only         190,00€
Engl Gigmaster 15, Tubetop, 15 W,
used, very good consition only         350,00€
H & K Hughes & Kettner Guitarcab. GL112
with Celestion Speaker,
used only         150,00€
H & K Hughes & Kettner "Switchblade" 100
Guitartop, with orig. footswitch,
used only         350,00€
Marshall JMP Combo MK2, vintage, used,
Master Model 50 W, 2 x 12" Rola/
Celestion Speaker, incl. Slipcover
for only!!!     1.190,00€
Fender Showman Amp Guitartop ca. 1964/65
"Transient" very rare, refurbished
and restored plus
Cabinet 1 x 15" Jensen Speaker
not restored but proofed!!!
old price 2490,00 €, now for only!!!     1.890,00€
Engl Tube Poweramp 2 x 50 W,
tubeamp, 19", only         550,00€
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FX Pedals
Boss CE-5, Chorus, used, smart cond. only           59,00€
Boss RV-5, Reverb, used, smart cond. only           54,00€
Danelctro Corned Beef, Reverb, used
smart condition only           29,00€
tc electronic Flashback, Delay and Looper
as new!!!           89,00€
Danelctro Cool Cat, Chorus, Mod. DC-1
new only!!!           69,00€
Digitech XTF, Stereo Flanger, new only           79,00€
Nobels AB-1, Active Selector, new only           79,00€
Ibanez FL-5, Soundtank, Flanger, N.O.S.           35,00€
Digitech J. Hendrix Exp. Pedal inc. power supply
and footswitch Mod. FS3X         149,00€
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Starterset "E-Gitarre" (used) with:
Del Ray " Stratstyle" Guitar, 3 PUs, Trem.
Guitar Stand
Amp "Crate", GX 15-R, Combo 15 W
together for only!!!!         190,00€
Proficase Professionelles Flightcase, custom build
for ES-335 Guitars. Heavy Duty. With
"Butterfly fasterners". Used only 2 times!!!
Original price 450,00 €, now for only!!!         150,00€
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