A Touch of the 60ties
Lupo's Rockshop at the Rock of Ages Festival 2009

2009 is going to be a long summer full of festivals, that's clear. After we survived the BYH
2009 without greater damage, we celebrate our premiere at Seebronn's ROA 2009 festival.
Three years ago the twin festival to the BYH was born and it continues to grow steadily.
Therefore we did not hesitate when we got the opportunity to offer our services there. And the
line-up was quite spectacular. But later on to that. Come on in and keep us company one more
time on this three day Rock event.

Thursday, Jule 30th

We pack our gear and take on mission ROA. Since the BYH was just some weeks ago our
teamwork is pretty solid. We seem to get away in time ? not. After some hobbly packing with
included Lumbago we make a first try to leave Stuttgart. At the middle of the road we
realize that something is missing, and again at the middle of the road the back hits back again,
so we visit a drive-in-doc and it's doping-time. At 15:30 we land at the festial area.

We are still under the design influence of the BYH but the valet is still valid.

Zimmi and Michi are with us again. Up on the field and looking for a place to stay. The ROA
was announced as a festival close to nature, relaxed and cozy. And really... there is a lot of
weed, even on the ground.

We set up camp and this process I already an automatic one.

Checking the scene and the area. That's all very nice.

We get a good place to set up our booth, located next to Artist-Village.

We set up pretty quick, looks alright. This time we have our Benzville-Guitars with us. Never
heard of? Quite logical, they are all new. A custom guitar line that's made at Lupo's
Rockshop on customers individual request. For closer information please contact our shop.

Friday, Jule 31st

We put on workin clothes, we are ready to go.

A couple of well known and respected cohorts of the band crews are our first visitors. A bit of crew talk follows.

One more old friend, here you have some time to talk.

The Arena fills up and happy expectation is spread.

Yikes! Who's that? That's Leon the singer for.Vengeance. Aren't these guys supposed not to play until
tomorrow ??? Good opportunity to hang loose. Dutchmen are no children of sadness. Cheers!

The dude is requested to sign our charity guitar straight away. And with this years great line-
up we brought a valuable, elegant red PRS guitar along.

Rock musicians are nosy folks, so the rest of the band is armed with pens straightaway.

Write nicely....

Vengeance soundguy Koos is also very interested. Especially for our guitars. Therefore
technical details are passed on and then a closer look is taken at the object.

Then the musical expression of the instrument is checked and finally it is to be checked if the
thing is fuckin' Rock'n'Roll compatible.

Guitarist Timo sits by and grins.

A lot of action and no single note played. Nice start. Now Chucks are ready to open the
festival but before they pay us a visit.

And while the stage is rocked already, Mr. Axel Rudi Pell himself pays a visit, lots of guitar
talk of course.

And he also does us the favour...

...followed by singer Johnny Gioeli.

Bassman Volker Krawczak.

And Keyboarder Ferdy Doernberg.

There are Scots in "The Ländle" even ambitious ones. The guys in Tartan play bagpipe and
are responsible for entertainment between bands. Very original!

The stage is then taken by Epitaph. Real Dinos. But the gents sure know their stuff. Therefore
we are delighted that the chaps are coming by for a break after their gig.

Heinz Glass (git), Cliff Jackson (Voc, git)

Bassplayer Bernd Kolbe shows up as well

A nightliner shows up, the headliners are here. Shortly before they played the Montreux Jazz
Festival as one can see by their shirts.

Axel Rudi Pell enters the stage he really knows how to rock


The audience likes it, partytime.

Curtains up for Status Quo - I like it, I like it, I like it, I lalalike it....

The pics are not as sharp, but musicians are fast movers ? Except maybe Bob Dylan ! But that's a different story.

Status Quo left a nice impression, but they had to move on after the show due to a tight
schedule. That's why they are not on our guitar.

But we got all the rest.

Just before closing time Axel Rudi Pell's Drummer Mike Terrana shows up, so these guys are

And a special signing session for faithful supporters.

After this fully scheduled day we retreat to our grill, get acquainted with some roadies and
drinking booth employees and have a nice evening.

Saturday, August 1st

Wakeup! On we go, We leave our cozy bus bed and go to the booth.

Opening act for today is Dark Sky out of Rottweil. Singer Frank joins us with Steffen (git)
and Winnie (b).

And drummer Uwe pays a visit as well.

Lets get crazy !

It get's serious, Vengeance take the stage. It's a shame that these guys take the stage so early, because Leon + Company know how to party Yehaaa!

The guys ask us if the can rent our pens for autographs cause they forgot theirs.

And one should not go crazy with these guys .......................................................just kiddin. Of cause they get the pens.

Since the Dutchees handle pens like their instruments, afterwards the pens as useful as swimming googles when there's an electric failure.....doesn't matter, we have spares.

On we go with Birth Control
long live Krautrock !!!

And in combination with the weather we can feel Woodstock

An absolut highlight Mothers Finest!!! And after I kindly asked singer Glenn Doc Murdock he sends along the whole team for signing. Of course not without signing himself.

There is John Hayes (git)

Followed by Joey Williams (dr).

and Guitarist Moses Mo.

Hmmmm....Two are missing but it's showtime first. Maybe we are lucky later.

Mothers Finest on stage are world class !!!

Brilliant concert and we are rewarded, singer Joyce Kennedy visits us and signs. Many thanks.

And finally I meet this very nice gent. That is MF's bassplayer Wyzard. We have a nice chat and he also signs our baby on the headstock . Wow !

Oh and by the way... Where are our Dutch pals? They actually wanted to leave but they are missing something again, it's a backliner this time. But this guy should show up and until that they are passing their time with a jam session on the green

Or a football match

The backliner turned up again, he fell asleep under the stage

This has to be celebrated! Cheers!

In the meantime Doro turns up and since she is celebrating her 25th stage anniversary she
showes up with classical musicians and monks. Quite strange.

Doro gives her all

And gets many good vibrations back

Party on.

Whoever saw our last years BYH report may remember that Doro paid us a very nice visit,
but this year we got no chance because to interview duties. But we still get her autograph.

We successfully finish our hunt for Roger Chapman just before he leaves and we really
we get headliner Gary Moore's signature which he puts on in his wardrobe. He
signs the guitar between the pickups and puts on a real cool show.

That dude surely can play.

At the end there are fireworks and than back to the bus.

Next morning we pack the tent.

During packing we let both festivals pass by and we come to the conclusion that it was after
all a success. We take a look back and look forward to next year.

That's it for this year. Stay fresh and tuned. Come by, those guitars are looking for new owners !