Back in the Ring
Lupo's Rockshop at the Bang your Head Festival 2009

Things that have proved well should be kept. It's June 2009 and it smells like metal. That's why the team of Lupo's
Rockshop Team Michi, Zimmy, Heike and Lupo himself are ready to go for a further adventure of soldering + repair, armed
and ready soldering iron and spare parts for diverse emergency backstage repairwork. And as usual you are allowed to have
a look backstage.. Let's go!

Wed, June 24th 2009:

All cases to the cars! This time with our own tent which survived it's test setup in the Allgäu. Storage, tools and grill gear are completey there, ready to go.

We improve each year, this time we come with two small busses, next year with three 40-ton trucks and a heli. What's gotta be 's gotta be.

Bang Your Head XXL

Since this years Warm-Up show happens in the new Messehalle at the festival area, there is one extra day at the festival. Therefore we leave out our traditional night at the Outback, we're heading directly into the venue, we do not pass "GO" and we unfortunately don't „COLLECT 4000,- €”.

Inside the new Messehalle there is work at hand ... let there be hammering, cabeling and screwing.

...and outside there is also work in progress. Looks pretty confusing sometime but it seems there is a plan in the end. Therefore keep things cool and breathe slowely. Let's check the scenery.

Somebody works in front of the huuuuuuuge stage,

The gents in uniform take care that everything runs by the rules of law,

Biz talk among the merchants

Security is there early so they have t wait for the bosses seat and the roof as well. But they get a nice visit and a sunflower for a good mood.

The Artist Village takes shape.

We can smell the Bang-Your-Head atmosphere and are ready for three days of Metal-Madness, there fore we look for a nice cozy but mainly representative place to set up our booth. Time to work on the floor ...

Good that Zimmy is there. The girls are holding on the sticks (of the tent).

Sometimes only heavy gear will do. A huge chainsaw, how manly. groooarrrr.

Hip Hip Hooray, the tent is set up. Enough work for today, we shouldn't overegg the pudding, the beer is calling and for another thing, tomorrow is another day.

Therefore we look for a nice place and set up the living room wit enough space around, because tomorrow the "Chinchillas" want to fall in. That should be quite funny.

Going for a cozy evening, there is some soup left. We let the day fade away and afterwards we are a little worried about the drink supply. There is the traditional BYH quote "I believe we are running out of beer.

Thursday, June 25th 2009

Setup Part II: We put gentle lights to the ceiling and Lupo sets up all his ”noisemachines"

Looking for a proper tactical space for my banner, because, finally, "endstufe - professional artwork" corp. again stands aside for Lupo if he is in need of some marketing-technical and PR consultation . More at

Jipeee, all ready, Michi 's checking out the chairs, it looks all very plush. And placed right in the middle of it all. Let's see who will haunt us this year.

Here is one certain Matthias Breusch and his famous book about heavy metal. We had a good lough about these two „guys” already

Some more "old" friends: Age of Evil, not performing this year but still signing our Charity guitar that we are going to auction for a beneficiary purpose- more information to follow

Lupo practising guitar-repair

UUUUUAAAh ... progressive tuning, ..............................................ay sir.

The BHY-Crew is clothed quite fashionably this year, therefore no stupid questions please. Inside the hall John Oliva takes the stage (Great show!!) and with that noise one had to scream very loud. the way, Horst is the Big Boss of the BYH. The writing on the shirt says: „NO, I don't know where HORST is”.

But we do !!! Right here .... And he is gone with the wind.

The common suspects - crew nonsense backstage

Warm up day is over, we go back to the camp. Udo and the Chinchilla bus have arrived, a nice evening with a nice bunch of people. This means: Party on!

Friday June 26th 2009

Showtime: Hatstik and Alestorm are putting on the heat with Kissin' Dynamite following on the stage. One more proof that the rookies are not idle. The kids are rockin away.

And of course they are signing our charity guitar..

We get a visit from Sodom's Tom Angelripper (b,vox)

and his band mate Bobby Schottkowski (drums)

In the meantime a mysterious nightliner has shown up - lets see who has turned up

It's Journey, but as always, the Headliners are out of sight very quickly. But that doesn't matter at all. There are always so many interesting personalities at the Bang Your Head! Lita Ford and her boys for example.
We really appreciate that guitarist Bumblefoot, is interested in our work and pays a visit together with their bodyguard (on the left). You're welcome! He plays lead guitar with a dude by the name of Axl Rose, the Band is called Guns'n'Roses we heard.

But now he has to leave for the stage, the Lita Ford Band shows how to rock.

The mistress is also very nice and shows up for a family sit-in with a signing session to follow. We are absolutely amused. The Bodyguard is still not amused but I guess this kind of facial expression goes with his uniform .

Lovely group picture! Thanx a lot.

The day closes down and after UDO's kick ass show (who also signed) it was time for Journey to enter the stage, Singer Arnel Pineda ruled. Sorry we could not get pictures due to too little available light. Here is Ross Valory on bass.

Business talk in the VIP area with members of Mystic Prophecy.

After that we tried very hard to get the headliner signatures on our guitar. We did it! Done deal! Sorry, no pics because the photographer had to stay outside of Journey's wardrobe. But the signatures are there.

Enough said for today, we go back to the campfire.

Saturday June 27th 2009

Today there we face a busy schedule. But before we enter the festival we get lessons in logistics how to put a bike in your VW Polo
by Dr. Hammer. Since it is a very adventurous task we took some pics, simply great.

Happily we take over our post and get a illustrous visitor straight away: Driver's Roy Z. (gt) shows up and raises the value of our charity guitar.

After Driver it should have been Tesla, but they had to cancel the show on short notice. Pink Cream 69 was a solid replacement.

Hats of and welcome to our booth. Dennis Ward (bass) and David Readman (voc)

Now the booth gets alive, first, here is Warrior-Chief Joe Floyd and checks the scene,

Of cause not without signing..

Another Warrior band member.

And the rest of the Warrior gang! Hello, Horray!

We take a chance making a world-class group picture !

And it goes on ... here is Hardcore Superstar from Sweden. Since the guys missed last years show cause of an delay at Paris
airport, they were hot and eager to give their best this year. This is just what they did. We appreciate their visit on our booth, here is frontman Jokke

OK- her is one of our our personal highlights for this years festival: Y&T. Outstanding concert. Dynamics and feeling, these guys need
no lesson. Drummer Mike Vanderhule is most impressive, playing the complete show with ONE hand due to injury. And he did not miss a beat !!!

(btw- I know where Horst is)

After this performance we want Y&T to sign our guitar. After a bit of patience and persistance we get what we want. And a nice conversation follows.

Dave Meniketti (git)

Phil Kennemore.

and Mike Vanderhule

The Bang your Head festival is closing down. W.A.S.P and Blind Guardian still have to play, but it is tough to get in touch with these guys because they are shielded in a wide circle. We opt for a cozy evening instead..

Sunday July 28th 2009

That's it folks, time to pack our gear. We put the BYH 2009 in a successful way with lots of fun

A bunch of friendly people are helping to get the Chinchilla bus back on the road.

The toilets are going home as well, so it's time to leave. In a couple of weeks we will do the same job at the Rock of Ages
festival, our first time there. And we are looking forward to next years 15th Anniversary Bang Your Head festival.

Stay tuned, we'll keep you informed about our charity guitar. Don't forget to stop by. We'll keep you posted with all necessary information.