Mission: Balingen
Lupo's Rockshop at the Bang your Head Festival

Wherever Metal is performed, something will break for sure. A made case for Lupo and Co. What started out as a try last year turned out into a serious part of the "Bang your Head" festival: The "Service point for instrumental emergency cases" at the backstage area. Equipped with the necessary tools of the trade we do first aid service when technical problems come up. And we won't exclude you from taking a look at our activities:

Wed June 25th 2008:

Since the way to Balingen from Stuttgart is such a long one ;-) we made a in between biwak in the Schwäbisch outback between Rottenburg and Hechingen. And of course there is no way to miss the Euro 2008 semi-final between Germany and Turkey. Therefore – football on the green.

Thu June 26th 2008:

Moving on. The weather is going to be OK, Germany has won, nothing much that could go wrong from there. Back to the road.

Arriving on location we find a cozy place to dwell and to set up camp cause there is no way to work without a proper living room. At this point of the story we would like to thank our buddy Zimmy of Zimmys Service very much for his most valuable support.

At the festival area there is a lot of work going on. But everybody is relaxed and in a good mood. This is what makes this festival so special every time.

We take a first look and straightaway we run into in to some old pals from the security services, who are there ready on guard 24/7 since Wednesday. Even nicer, they let us hang our banner in the guard's house.

The tent is set up, so everything else is assembled, plugged in and ready to go after testing. All checked and ready to go!

Fri June 27th

The Marshall crew has arrived as well and set up their booth right across ours. This is the chance for an unexpected guitar duel. In between there is "American Spirit's" chill out lounge, they need to stuff their ears.

Marshall gets some major support! The guitarist from "Age of Evil " is really showing off. These guys are coming from the US and are between 16 and 19 years of age. What a band! Check them out! And somebody said Metal has rookie problems...

Something's happening on our booth, Korpiklaanis's bass player shows up and brings some potable fuel along.

Like last year we carry a guitar with us that's supposed to be signed by all the bands. Later on it will go on auction for charity. When it's ready to be auctioned we will let you know everything on this page. White Lion's Mike Tramp likes the idea as well and signs the guitar.

Mike's colleagues Troy Patrick Farrell (dr) and Henning Wanner (key) are joining their frontman.

The next guest is the guitarist from Breaker.

It's "Bang your Head weather", the temperature is rising. Therefore some Finnish metalheads are in need to cool down. It's simply not true that metal musicians avoid bathtubs!!!

The sun is going down and it's about time for headliner Queensryche. As a major surprise they are joined onstage by a local drum group. There is some serious warming up backstage.

The first day is over, it's about party time with the guys from Chinchilla

Sat June 27th 2008

Chinchilla are up already – a tourbus like that is something else.

Chinchilla's Roberto (b) is back for action.

The security guys are back as well – with some nice company.

A nice talk with Tom Naumann (ex Primal Fear) and journalist Matthias Breusch of Rocks-Magazin - by the way a magazine that you can buy at Lupo's Rockshop. Major Blah among Rock professionals.

The guitar of Saxon guitarist Doug Scarratt has called in sick, but that's what we are here for..

...and the Saxon tech shows that tea-spoons come in quite handy for guitar repair (unfortunately you can't see that in the picture below)

All well, the boss likes it too.

Meanwhile Lizzy Borden kick some major ass.

In the end Doro Pesch appears. She's on promo tour for her new album ..

... and ready to support our beneficiary guitar auction

Many thanks to her.

Metal-Blah backstage

That was our "Bang your Head" experience 2008. We are looking forward to next year. We see each other at Lupo's Rockshop.

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